Shallow foundations are used for most normal building structures. However, where very large design loads are involved or where the soil quality is poor or some site constraints are there, deep foundations are recommended by geotechnical engineers. These deep foundations are commonly used for bridges and tall buildings etc. and also where the soil quality is poor such as in sandy areas. Prefabricated Concrete piles can be driven into the ground using a pile driver.

However, in most cases where the diameter of the piles is large, it is preferred to use Pile Cages that are lowered into the ground and then concreted. These Pile Cages are used in ‘Drilled Piers’ or “Cast-in- drilled-hole piles (CIDH piles) or Cast-in-Situ piles. Rotary boring techniques are used (dry boring or wet boring) to drill holes in the soil and upon reaching the design depth, a reinforcing cage (pile cage) is lowered into the bore. Concrete is then poured into this bore and brought up to the required level.

Long piles can be difficult to handle and also transport. In such cases, we use pile joints (on site) to join two or more short piles to form one long pile. We arrange and provide the coupling systems for joining in the case of long or extra-long piles. If necessary, we can install our cage making machine on site also.