Mainly used as barrier fencing in square or rectangular shape, it is also used in reinforced concrete, notably for slabs since the large flat surface makes its use more economical and faster than installing and fixing individual cut bars. Also called Welded Wire Fabric (WWF) or weldmesh, it is an electric fusion welded prefabricated joined grid consisting of a series of parallel longitudinal wires with accurate spacing welded to cross wires at the required spacing. It is a square grid welded at all intersections, and meeting the requirements of ASTM A185 and A497 or other standards. Machines are used to produce the mesh with precise dimensional control. Use of weldmesh can result in considerable savings in time, labour and money. We have tied up with some units to produce weld-mesh to our requirements and can supply these in various sizes, spacing and diameters.

Wire Mesh

Welded Wire Mesh